April to July 2017 – 4 months of Outreach Support and Group sessions

5 dads started contact with their children, some after a considerable time.

3 dads undertaking parenting courses

1 dad secured formal contact with his children after 14 months

6 dads in the process of formally establishing contact with their children

1 family have improved the home situation and parenting which has avoided having their children being accommodated within their wider family or foster care

Healthy Dads Healthy Children

3 dads stopped using cannabis
2 stopped smoking
2 increased activity and reduced their weight
4 reduced their suicidal thoughts and see their situation as more positive
3 dads in settled positive relationships that are improving their children’s care
2 carers managing their serious health concerns and are receiving more care for their children. One has attended a core group meeting and is receiving supporting from several different services
2 dads securing housing in difficult and vulnerable times

Dads and children’s groups where they can play together

95 children | 64 dads

5 dads working through separation from their partner and are promoting the needs of their children

14 dads stating that they can better manage the care or are more prepared to manage the care of their children and communication has improved

9 dads state they feel less isolation

3 dads are working through anger difficulties. One of those is working through maintaining contact with their children through a Child In Need Plan.

97 outreach sessions with dads or carers were undertaken from 1st April to 31st July 2017

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