“The information and support from Families First Southampton was far more than expected, I’m on my way to regaining contact with my daughter”


“Thank you for your assistance with my client. You were an invaluable support to him in the weeks before his court hearing. Your assistance enabled my client to remain calm in the face of extremely distressing circumstances.  I am very grateful to you for helping keep my client on the straight and narrow and helping to maintain direct contact to his daughter.

In terms of your involvement Nigel you have been excellent for my client and a consistent and effective communicator. I would not hesitate to recommend that my clients work with you nor to refer fathers to you in the future.”

Jane Wilson, Associate Solicitor

“Families First Southampton have provided positive and consistent support for a young local father.  They have encouraged this young person to attend regular meetings and Court appearances which has in turn improved his self-confidence and the contact he has with his daughter. Consequently this young person is now engaged in part time employment, living independently from his family and is more positive about his future.”

Katie Patterson, Youth Offending Officer

“Meeting up with Families First Southampton has enabled me to reflect and get to a much better place, its helped to get some positive things in my life and I’m ready to join back up with my family.”


“The Young man accommodated here at the YMCA Housing received invaluable support from Nigel at Families First Southampton. He met with him to discuss his situation, helped him to understand paperwork and jargon from Social Services and the court proceedings. Nigel also supported the young man at relevant meetings, one of which was a particularly difficult meeting with his daughters Social Worker. This meeting the young man was told about the Special Guardianship that was applied for and the likely outcome of that. Nigel then attended court to support the young man through the process. Nigel has persevered with the young man despite him not always being easy to contact or reliable but still keen to maintain contact with his daughter and turn things around. Nigel also supported the YMCA Housing Support staff due to his greater understanding of child related procedures.”

Christianne Shaw, Project Worker The YMCA Housing

“With a bit of help from Families First Southampton I have managed to secure some housing where my children can come and stay, which has been great.”