Nigel has twenty six years of social care experience working in addiction, young homeless, carers work, mental health, learning difficulties, fostering, and many years in children’s social care.

Families First can help you as a Dad directly or connect you with one of our partners for any of the areas below (if not listed, do get in touch):

  • Child contact and family court
  • Father friendly support groups
  • Parenting plans
  • Parenting and positive father/child attachments
  •  Disability Advice
  •  Relationship difficulty
  • Parenting when no longer in a relationship with the mother of your child
  •  Life and transition coaching
  •  Managing difficult emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression, loneliness
  • Housing, benefits and debt advice
  • Activities to do with your children
  • Prison contact and release support
  • Accessing volunteer possibilities